There is a bewildering array of spectacle lenses available today, with different designs, materials and coatings. We are expertly trained to advise you on what lens type is best for you. Although some people may be suited to the more simple standard off the shelf lenses, others may require thinner materials, special coatings or tints, or quite complex lens designs. We source our lenses from all round the world, looking for the best lenses at the best prices. We also do our best to support local lens laboratories. Being totally independent we are free to choose what is right for you rather than being locked into the limitations of using a single branded product. Come in-store to talk to our team about our package deals.

BRANDS: Hoya, Zeiss, Sola, Signature, Younger, Essilor, Kodak, Nikon, Rodenstock, ILT Optics, True Vue, Alpha Sport Digital