Keratoconus is an inherited condition of the cornea, the transparent front window of the eye. In keratoconus the normally round cornea becomes thinned, distorted and irregular (cone shaped) causing blurred vision. Generally keratoconus develops in the teenage years and is often associated with hayfever and eye rubbing. The severity of keratoconus varies widely between individuals, some may manage with spectacles alone, others may require special contact lenses and a small minority go on to require surgery.

Photo shows a Normal cornea and a Keratoconic cornea

The MEDMONT CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER is a specialised instrument that maps the surface of the cornea, and is used in the detection and management of keratoconus. It is a highly accurate instrument and provides a 3-dimensional topographical map just like the geographical map of a country that shows the hills and valleys.

Topographical image represents a typical keratoconic map

The topographical image above represents a typical keratoconic map. It is easy to see the asymmetrical pattern with the red area representing the protruding area of the cornea below the centre.

This Medmont corneal topographer is invaluable in custom designing the special contact lenses required for these patients.

SYNERGEYES CONTACT LENSES for keratoconic patients

Traditionally there are two choices in contact lenses. The smaller rigid gas permeable lenses are best for crisp, clear vision, but can be irritating and uncomfortable. Soft lenses are the most comfortable, but often provide less-than-optimal vision. Now, a technological breakthrough gives us the SynergEyes®: hybrid contact lens, which offers the best of both worlds. The soft skirt gives all day comfort while the “breathable” rigid centre keeps eyes healthy while providing crisp, clear vision.

RPG Lens, Soft lens and Hybrid lens

Patients with keratoconus are particularly challenging. The rigid style lens is normally required, but is often unstable and uncomfortable, with lenses sliding off the cornea and falling out easily.

The Synergeyes hybrid lens is fantastic and combines comfort, clarity of vision and stability in the one lens, and is an especially good option for keratoconic patients.

We are one of New Zealand’s few suppliers of the Synergeyes range of lenses and we specialise in fitting keratoconic patients with this wonderful new lens.

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